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Layka and her friends were at the club when this European stud approached her and bought them drinks. He asked her to dance and he was so much fun that she agreed to accompany him to his villa. On reaching the villa, the two of them could not wait to remove each other’s clothes and fuck real good. It had been a long time since Layka had a good pounding, and this stud was out to find out how good Angeles City Girls were in bed.

Angeles City Girl Layka is waiting for a penis
Angeles City Girls Layka is waiting for a penis

They had had their foreplay while dancing and kissing at the club, so all they needed was a little kissing and caressing and they were soon fucking each other’s brains out. Layka showed the white guy just what Angeles City Girls can do and the white guy unleashed his sexual prowess on her and they had explosive sex. They fucked each day for the duration of the white guys stay.

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